Pedley Town Center Plan

Pedley Town Center Plan 

View the Pedley Area Master Plan Public Draft (PDF)

The City of Jurupa Valley covers about 45 square miles. Most of the city is either semi-rural equestrian properties or suburban in character. However, specific areas, due to their history and location, began as small centers of commerce. The 2017 General Plan identifies specific areas within the communities of Rubidoux, Glen Avon, and Pedley as “Town Centers.” These centers are designated with the Town Center Overlay to encourage the development of traditional, pedestrian-oriented town centers with characteristics that distinguish them from surrounding areas. These areas are intended to function as walkable, small downtown environments that attracts locals to shop, dine and socialize, in keeping with their historic uses. 

Over the next couple of months (November 2022-September 2023), the City of Jurupa Valley will be engaging with the community to talk about the future of the historic Pedley area. This historically rural part of the city is located around the intersection of Limonite Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard, perhaps the most significant crossroads of the city, adjacent to the Metrolink station, and extends down to the Santa Ana River. The Pedley area is also the civic hub of the community as it includes City Hall.  

The Pedley Town Center Plan will create a long-term vision for this area of the city, and provide policy direction and guidance to residents, City staff, decision-makers, and the broader community.  This Plan will guide development and public improvements to create a cohesive center that will anchor this historic area of the city and help solidify its identity within Jurupa Valley.  The intent of this Plan is to clarify a unique vision and strong implementation strategies for the Pedley area. 

Below is a map of the proposed Pedley Town Center area. You can also click on the link here for a larger image. Pedley Town Center Area Map v2 Opens in new window

Get Involved

This planning process will provide several opportunities for you to share your impressions and experiences as well as your vision and ideas for the future, including the Pedley Town Center Visioning Survey and upcoming public workshops with the City Council and Planning Commission in the first quarter of 2023.  Stay tuned for more information or sign up to our email list by emailing Jaclynn Torres at

This planning effort is funded by an SB2 Planning Grant from the State Department of Housing and Community Development. 

Draft Pedley Town Center Plan 

After a year of visioning, community engagement, analysis and planning, the Draft Pedley Town Center Plan is available for public review. The draft plan is available on our City website and at City Hall for the public to view. We will be presenting the Draft Plan at our third Joint Study Session on November 2, 2023. This will provide the public the opportunity to provide input prior to public hearings for adoption. The focus of the upcoming Study Session presentation will be on implementation strategies and recommendations to achieve the vision outlined in the Plan. To view the draft version, please click the link below. 

Pedley Area Master Plan Public Draft (PDF)

First Study Session

Community Development staff held a joint study session with the City Council and Planning Commission to discuss the Pedley Town Center Plan, hear feedback from the community, and discuss the survey findings. Watch the study session below.

Second Study Session

Community Development staff held a joint study session with the City Council and Planning Commission to discuss concepts based on input from the first study session.