Agua Mansa Road Development

Project Address:  Agua Mansa Road/ Hall Avenue

Project Manager: Reynaldo- Senior Planner 

Phone: (951) 332-6464 


Project Description

The Jurupa Valley City Council approved the “Agua Mansa Road Development ” project, which proposed to develop an approximately 23.44 gross-acre property to accommodate two industrial buildings totaling 335,002 square feet. The Project involves site improvements such as landscaping, parking, and infrastructure facilities on the approximately 23.44-acre Project site. Building A consists of 140,198 square feet and Building B consists of 194,804 square feet. The proposed Project required a General Plan Amendment (GPA) No. 18001; Development Agreement (DA) No. 18001; Site Development Permit (SOP) No. 18048; and Variance (VAR) No. 18008. The application for this project is Master Application (MA) No. 18008. 

Current Status
Entitled- Under Construction