Home Occupation 

Examples of Who Can Apply for a Home Occupation?

  • Office use for an online business such as EBay, Etsy, or Amazon.
  • A person using a home address as a business address for business tax certificates.
  • A landscaping business that has an office within the home and provides landscape services off-site.
  • A person using a home phone as a business phone.
  • A freelance physical therapist using the home for office use only.

Requirements for a Home Occupation

  • The home must reside in a zone district which allows for home occupations. The allowed zone districts are: R-1, R-1A, R-2, R-2A, R-3A, A-1, A-2, R-A, R-R, R-R-O, W-2, R-D, R-T (only in mobile home subdivisions), R-T-R, and PUD.

Contact the Community Development Department to verify your zone district or visit the City of Jurupa Valley GIS.

Note: An approved Site Development Permit is required for a Home Occupation in R-3 and R-6 zone districts. Site Development Permit requirements include a completed Land Use Entitlement application, a site plan, a project description, and a $500.00 deposit.       

  • Only the resident(s) may be the employee(s) of the home occupation.
  • The home office must be conducted entirely within the primary dwelling.
  • No items or equipment related to the business may be stored outside the home or in an accessory structure i.e. garage.
  • No vehicles or trailers except those normally incidental to residential use shall be kept on site.
  • The exterior and interior character of the property, including the home, cannot be affected by the home occupation.

Note: Please visit the Business Registration Department for business registration requirements.


For more information, please visit Sec. 9.10.630. - Home occupations or contact the Community Development Department.


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