Online Permit Application Portal (Accela Citizen Access)

The City offers a fully online permit application process through Accela for select permit types, including:

  • Electrical – Residential Service Changeouts
  • Mechanical - Residential HVAC Changeouts
  • Plumbing – Residential Water Heater Changeouts
  • Re-Roof – Residential Reroof
  • Solar PV – Residential Solar PV  
  • Planning Master Application

Business Registration Application

The City does not issue business licenses, but a business registration process is required for local businesses.

Building Permits

The Building & Safety Department issues a variety of permits related to building new structures and remodeling or demolishing existing structures.

Building Standards

The Building & Safety Department applies building standards that are specific to the type of structure being constructed or modified.

Certificate of Occupancy Policy (PDF)

A certificate of occupancy is typically issued when a building project is completed.

Commercial Cannabis Permit (PDF)

The City Clerk’s Office oversees the cannabis permitting process for commercial cultivation and/or sale of cannabis.

Encroachment Permit (PDF)

An encroachment permit is required for any person or entity performing work within the public right-of-way. This typically includes utility and road construction contractors.

Grading Permit (PDF)

A grading permit is required when a construction or maintenance activity changes the grade of land.

Home Occupation Permit

A home occupation permit is required when a person does business in a home, uses a home address as a business address on business tax certificates, or uses a home phone as a business phone.

Parking Permit

Some areas in the Rubidoux and Pedley neighborhoods are subject to seasonal permit parking.

Planning Permits

The Planning Department issues a variety of permits that are typically required at the early stages of projects.

Self-Haul Permit (PDF)

Self-haul permits are required for an individual that would like to transport their own refuse and/or recycling waste to an approved processing facility.