Community Development Department

Department Role

The City’s Community Development Department plays a key role by helping shape Jurupa Valley’s future. It develops policies which guide how, when and where the City grows and reviews new development through zoning, land use and environmental goals and policies. Planning administers programs to help achieve community goals and advises City decision-makers on land use, housing, design and other important community issues.

Community Development Director

Under the direction of the Community Development Director, who is appointed by and is responsible to the City Manager, the Community Development Department assists Jurupa Valley citizens, developers, property owners and visitors with their planning questions and development proposals. Our mission is to serve all persons in a positive and courteous manner and help ensure that Jurupa Valley continues to be a healthy, safe, attractive, and enjoyable place to live, work, play, or visit.


The department provides comprehensive land use services, both to the public and to the city, in support of the preservation, assistance, and regulation of development in the City of Jurupa Valley and its sphere of influence. 

Land Use Entitlement Application 

Planning permits are required for most new development projects, new businesses, or projects requiring special exceptions from City Zoning standards, like setback adjustments, variances or modifications of parking standards. To view our Land Use Entitlement application, please click here

For questions or more information on application process please email or visit us at City Hall M-F from 8:00am to 3:00pm. 

Primary Goal

The department's primary goal is to ensure and enhance the quality of life in the community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve Jurupa Valley citizens in a positive and courteous manner and to help ensure that Jurupa Valley continues to be a healthy, safe, attractive, friendly and enjoyable place to live, work or visit. We help plan the City’s form, growth, and character and work with citizens to protect health and safety, protect and enhance the community’s environment and quality of life, and promote economic health.

Planning Defined

Planning helps ensure the orderly and safe development of communities and neighborhoods. It does this by applying land use goals and policies, zoning, and other development standards that help shape new and existing development. Planning staff works with City Building and Engineering staff to review development proposals for compliance with adopted standards, and encourages citizens, business and property owners, neighborhood groups, civic groups, and other community stakeholders to participate in the planning process, attend public land use hearings and help identify community goals and values.


The Planning Department also prepares and oversees reports that study the environmental effects of development projects and identify ways of avoiding environmental damage, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Maps & City Documents

The City of Jurupa Valley is building its library of online documents and will add to this site as documents are revised and new public documents become available. These documents are available at City Hall, or may be downloaded from the City website.


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