Lot Line Adjustment & Lot Merger

Lot Line Adjustments

Lot line adjustment refers to changes to parcel boundaries in which the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjoining parcel, and where the number of resulting parcels does not change.


Lot line adjustments require the submittal of:

  • Application
  • Checklist and supporting information to the Planning Director
  • Fee

City Staff Reviewal

City staff reviews the proposed lot line adjustment for conformance with the General Plan, specific plans, applicable Zoning and Building regulations, and provisions of the Subdivision Map Act

Hearings & Approval

If the proposed adjustment complies with applicable regulations, the City processes the request without a public hearing and generally without conditions of approval or exactions except as necessary to conform to local law. No tentative subdivision map, parcel map or final map shall be required for lot line adjustments. The final action is reflected in a deed which must be recorded with the County Recorder.

For more information on Conditional Use Permits, see Title 9, Section 1828, Jurupa Valley Municipal Code.

Lot Merger

Lot mergers are processed in the same manner as lot line adjustments.