Pre-Application Review & Rezoning

Pre-Application Review

Prospective Applicants are encouraged to meet with a City Planner prior to submitting an application. After discussing your project and important development standards (setbacks, height, parking, landscaping, etc.) that apply to your project, staff will be happy to discuss and assist you with the application process.

Such a preliminary meeting will help expedite the development process.

Detailed, Formal Pre-Application review

Applicants may also request a more detailed, formal pre-application review. This type of review can be helpful for large or more complex projects, and when the applicant desires review by multiple City departments, such as Engineering, Building and Public Works

Pre-Application Review can take from six to eight to six weeks to process and requires submittal of:

Rezoning (Zoning Text or Map Amendment)

Changes to a parcel’s zoning (Official Zoning Map), or changes to the City’s Zoning Ordinance, require the submittal of an application, fee, checklist and supporting information to the Planning Department. Zoning map or text amendment requests are considered by the Planning Commission, which evaluates the request and makes a recommendation to the City Council.

The City Council takes final action on General Plan amendments and the Council’s action is final.