Planning Permits

In the City of Jurupa Valley, most new development requires some type of Planning permit before a new land use is established or a building permit can be issued for new construction. There are different types of planning permits, depending upon the type of land use or development being proposed. Planning Department staff evaluates project plans for compliance with City land use, zoning and development policies and standards to help guide applicants through the permit process.  The City uses the Accela software program to receive and process permits from the public.

Apply for a Permit

To apply for a planning permit, please visit the City’s Accela Citizen Access portal.

Review Process

Planning applications are acted upon by the City Council, Planning Commission, or the Planning Director. As part of the development review process, the hearing body may:

  • Approve it with conditions related to land use, public safety, environmental or other concerns
  • Approve a permit request
  • Continue consideration of the project for further study
  • May deny the request based on specific findings of fact


Within the City’s adopted laws and standards, the Department’s mission is to help applicants achieve their goals and to help the community attract and maintain harmonious, attractive and high quality development.