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Parking in Pedley

  1. Enter your first name.
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  3. Enter full street address, street number and street name only. City and zip code are not required.
  4. Enter your phone number. The City will use this to make contact with you regarding your application only when necessary.
  5. Enter email address. The City will use this to make contact with you regarding your parking permit application only when necessary.
  6. Tenant or Owner of Property?
    Please specify if you are the tenant or owner of the property.
  7. The City allows up to two residential parking permits per household. If a resident has a need for more than two residential permits, a request can be made.
  8. The City may issue more than 2 residential parking permits upon a resident successfully demonstrating that they will experience hardship if they cannot receive more than 2 residential parking permits. Detail how many permits you will need. Proof of more than two 2 vehicles being registered per address required.
  9. Each resident is allowed up to 2 visitor parking permits. The visitor parking permits should only be given to temporary visitors within the neighborhood. They should not be used for permanent, long-term, or continued residential parking use.
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