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Building Inspection Request

  1. Enter your project permit number.
  2. Enter the street address of your project.
  3. Enter nearest major cross streets if no address is available.
  4. Enter the date that you are requesting an inspection.
  5. Email address for the primary contact person for the project/inspection process.
  6. Type of Inspection
  7. Structural
  8. Electrical
  9. Plumbing
  10. Pool / Spa
  11. Patios
  12. Mechanical
  13. Retaining / Block wall
  14. Signs
  15. Residential or Commercial
    Please specify if the property is residential or commercial.
  16. Do You Need to Cancel a Previously Submitted Inspection Request?
    If you have a previously scheduled building inspection that you need to cancel because you are requesting to schedule this one, please let the Building Department know.
  17. Please provide any additional comments or questions that you have related to the project or the building inspection process.
  18. Request Inspector Call Back
    If you need to speak with your inspector on the day or your inspection, please specify and the inspector will call you on the morning of your inspection at the contact number provided.
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