Local Roadway Safety Plan

Project Overview

To qualify for future funding through future safety mitigation grants, the City must prepare a data-driven systemic safety analysis program through one of the various options, including a Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP). In addition to funding qualification, the plan will also be used by the City to program future Capital Improvement projects and identify intended funding sources for those. The City has received funding for the preparation of its LRSP. Preparation requires data reviews analysis, public input, and the development of vision statements, goals, and identification of areas of emphasis. The intent is to have that process be conducted through the Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) through a series of partnership meetings, workshops, and public outreach. Once completed, the LRSP will be a living document that will be regularly updated with current data, and the program will be continually reviewed and updated to reflect changing local needs and priorities.

An LRSP provides a framework for organizing stakeholders to identify, analyze, and prioritize roadway safety improvements on local roads. The process of developing an LRSP is tailored to local needs and issues. The City is creating a project stakeholder team including the Traffic Safety Committee members, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Riverside County Fire Department (CalFire), Jurupa Unified School District, ReachOut, and other interested parties. 

Reference and Sample Materials

Various reference sources are available to assist stakeholders and the public in both identifying the types of information that is required to be part of the plan, and also provide ideas and sample information to assist in preparing the City’s LRSP. These sources include:

Website: Local Roadway Safety Plans and Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP)
1 - CalTrans Local Roadway Safety DocumentCalifornia Local Roadway Safety Manual

Federal Highway Safety Administration (FHSA)
2 - Developing Safety Plans, A Manual for Local Roadway OwnersDeveloping Safety Plans, A Manual for Local Roadway Owners

3 - Local Roadway Safety Plan Briefing SheetLocal Roadway Safety Plan Briefing Sheet (contains additional source links)

5 - Map to Safer Roads

FHWA: Local Roadway Safety Plans - Map to Safer Roads

National Association of County Engineers
4 - Local Roadway Safety Plan TemplateLocal Roadway Safety Plan Template

Local Roadway Safety Plan Report Draft

View the LRSP Draft Final Report. Comments on the draft final report can be submitted until Saturday, April 30, 2022. Comments will also be welcome at the March 24, 2022, TSC meeting.

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