Capital Improvement Plan & Major Projects

Capital Improvement Plan

The City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is administered by the Public Works and Engineering Department for the development of various transportation related projects. Department staff is responsible for the management of these projects from project initiation through final construction. These duties typically include:

  • Acquisition of professional services
  • Construction management
  • Environmental and engineering design and studies
  • Project closeout
  • Project scoping
  • Right of way negotiation and acquisition

Outline of Public Projects

The CIP outline of public projects planned for the near future, is updated annually.  Funding for these projects is provided through a variety of sources including development impact fees, transportation funds, and grants which are restricted for the purposes for which they are budgeted.

Current/Upcoming Construction Projects

2021-2022 Citywide Pavement Rehabilitation

The Citywide Pavement Rehabilitation Project includes the following areas:

  1. Limonite Ave. (Felspar St. to Pedley Rd.) -  Concrete improvements begin December 5, 2022. The contractor will install new curb ramps and repair sidewalks along the route. Construction schedule:
    • Dec. 5 - 9: Concrete work
    • Dec. 12 - 23: Pavement work
  2. Jurupa Rd. (Agate St. to Galena St.)
  3. Agate St. (Jurupa Rd. to Mission Blvd.)
  4. Rubidoux Blvd. (60 freeway to 29th St.)
  • Project Number: 21101
  • Awarded Contractor: C Vance Corporation
  • Current Progress: Construction Phase

For more information, please contact Kahono Oei, Senior Civil Engineer, by emailing or calling 951-332-6464 ext. 145.

Street 1
Street 2
Street 3
Street 4

Van Buren Boulevard Widening, Santa Ana River to Limonite Avenue

Van Buren Boulevard's existing roadway will be widened from 4 lanes to 6 through travel lanes from the Santa Ana River (City Limit) to Limonite Avenue

  • Project Number: 17-B.1
  • Current Progress: Design Phase
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $6,130,000

Citywide Guardrail Replacement 

This citywide project aims to upgrade various existing metal guardrail segments in 12 different locations throughout the City to current Caltrans standard. The upgraded guardrails will improve roadway safety.

  • Project Number: 19112
  • Current Progress: Bidding & Advertisement Phase
Street 5
Street 6

Sunnyslope Area SR2S Sidewalk Gap Closure 

This project will install 9,715 linear feet of new sidewalk, 15 crosswalks, 19 ADA curb ramps, and pedestrian sign flashers. These new installments will help improve pedestrian walkability and roadway safety on pedestrian heavy streets in the vicinity of Sunnyslope Elementary School.

  • Project Number: 19107
  • Current Progress: Design Phase
Street 7

Market St. Widening, Santa Ana River to Rubidoux Avenue

The widening of Market Street from the Santa Ana River to Rubidoux Avenue will include 2 new through travel lanes including curbs, gutter, and sidewalk.

  • Project Number: 19108
  • Current Progress: Design Phase
Street 8

Pacific Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements, 42nd Street to Mission Boulevard

This project will construct a one lane each way, median turn lane, on street parking/loading, bike route sharrows, and signs on Pacific Avenue. There will be new pedestrian sign flashers and bumpouts at the Rane Lane intersection and 42nd Street for improved pedestrian, bicycle, and roadway safety.

  • Project Number: 19106
  • Current Progress: Design Phase
Road map

Major Projects

Jurupa Road/Van Buren Boulevard Grade Separation Project

The Riverside County Transportation Department, in cooperation with the City of Jurupa Valley, the Riverside County Transportation Commission, and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is planning to grade separate the existing Jurupa Road and Union Pacific Railroad at the grade crossing located in the City of Jurupa Valley.

Click here to view the project page maintained by the Riverside County Transportation Department for more info.

Mission Bridge Replacement

The County of Riverside, in cooperation with the Cities of Riverside and Jurupa Valley, proposes to replace the existing Mission Boulevard Bridge over the Santa Ana River. The proposed project will accommodate two 12-foot lanes, two 14-foot lanes, two 8-foot shoulders, and a 4-foot median. A 12- foot multipurpose trail with barrier separation from vehicular traffic will be located along the south side of the bridge in lieu of standard sidewalks on each side.

The new bridge will be approximately 88 feet wide and 1,100 feet long. The replacement bridge profile will be raised slightly to accommodate current standards for the roadway design. At mid-span, the profile will be approximately 4 to 6 feet higher than the existing bridge. Learn more about the project.

Market Bridge Replacement

The County of Riverside, in cooperation with the Cities of Riverside and Jurupa Valley, proposes to replace the existing Market Street Bridge over the Santa Ana River. A new 4-lane bridge will be provided to enhance public safety and traffic circulation in the area. The work will include reconstructing approach roadways, providing necessary channel improvements, and a multi-purpose trail connecting to the existing and proposed regional trails. The new bridge will be approximately 88 feet wide and 1,200 feet long. Learn more about the project.

Progress Maps

The two maps below are intended to provide updates on the progress that the City of Jurupa Valley has made in repairing and maintaining the public roadways.  As progress is made in the continual process of repair and maintenance of streets, these maps will be updated:

  • The City Completed Projects map highlights the progress made since July 1, 2011.
  • The Pavement Condition Map provides additional information regarding the condition of the public roadways.
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