Second Unit Permit & Setback Adjustments

Second Unit Permit

Parcels located in the R-1, A-1 and certain other Residential-zoned areas are limited to one single-family dwelling.

To allow a second dwelling unit in these zones, a Second Unit Permit application shall be submitted to the Planning Department for review and approval prior to constructing or operating such use. The Planning Director shall act on a Second Unit application without discretionary review or a hearing, provided that it meets all applicable development standards. For example, to allow a second unit, a minimum lot area of one acre is required. Second units are permitted as follows: 

  • 1 acre but less than 2 acres
    • 500 Square Feet minimum, 800 Square Feet maximum
  • 2 acres or larger
    • 500 Square Feet minimum, 1,200 Square Feet maximum

Living Areas

Usable lot area allowable living area includes the interior habitable area of a second unit, including basements and attics, but does not include a garage or any accessory structure.

Property Owner

In addition, the existing primary dwelling on a parcel with a second unit must be occupied by the property owner. Second units shall be located at the rear or in the side portions of the lot and shall not be located in front of the primary dwelling unit.

For more information on development requirements for Second Units, see Title 9, Section 18.28a, Jurupa Valley Municipal Code.

Setback Adjustments & Temporary Uses

The Planning Director may approve, conditionally approve or deny:

  • Setback Adjustments, consisting of modifications of the front, rear or side yard minimum setback requirements of the various zone classifications
  • Temporary Uses, consisting of the temporary use of land in any zone classification, when such temporary use is in conjunction with the repair or construction of streets, highways, or public utilities, for a period of time not to exceed 6 months

City Staff Review

Applications, fee, checklist and supporting information shall be submitted to the Planning Department for processing. Such requests may be approved, conditionally approved or denied, subject to findings.

Requests for Temporary Uses lasting longer than six months require Planning Commission review. No setback adjustment or temporary use shall be granted unless it is determined that the action is consistent with the intent and purposes of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance; and that there are special circumstances applicable to the property, including such factors as parcel size, shape, topography, location or surroundings that justify approval; and that such an action would not be detrimental to public health, safety or welfare or to properties in the vicinity of the request.

Additional Information

For more information on Setback Adjustments or Temporary Use of Land, see Title 9, Section 18.33, Jurupa Valley Municipal Code.