The recreation area located near the intersection of 64th Street and Downey Street provides a wide array of amenities.  Primarily, the area is used as a convenient access point to the Santa Ana River.  Pedestrians frequent the area to recreate along the Santa Ana River.  The area also provides a convenient access point for equestrians who travel along the river via horseback.

Recently, the City constructed a temporary parking area with stalls, installed portable restrooms, and provided refuse dumpsters to keep the area clean.

Survey for Potential Further Development

Due to heightened use of the recreation area, the City is seeking public input on how to best improve the site.  Survey responses will play a major role in guiding further development activity in the area.  Residents and visitors are encouraged to only submit one (1) survey per person.  Surveys are provided elctronically below.  No personal information will be distributed or made available to the public.  Please contact Sean McGovern at (951) 332-6464 ext. 249 or if you would like to receive a paper copy of the survey.  Paper copies of the survey are available at City Hall.  This survey will close at 5:00PM on October 24, 2017.

This survey is now closed.