CalRecycle admisters annual programs that help the City maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of public property and roadways.  The efforts are performed in ways that promote environmental responsibility, ecnourage recycling, and promote a more sustainable community.

Beverage Container Recycling


Unfortunately, public infrastructure within the City of Jurupa Valley is often the subject of illegally disposed debris.  Over time, debris builds up on City right-of-ways (open space along the side of roadways), public buildings, sidewalks, and other open areas in the community.  Some of this illegal debris contains material that can be recycled.  With help from CalRecycle, public works staff work diligently to keep our infrastructure clean while remaining mindful of the importance and public responsibility to recycle material when possible.  Please remember to keep our roadways clean by disposing of your refuse in a legal manner and recycling whenever possible.

Rubberized Asphalt-Concrete ("Tire Grant")

Every year, CalRecycle makes funding available to municipalities to help fund the construction of rubberized asphalt-concrete roads.  The progam is sustained by the efficient utilization of disposed automobile tires in California.  The rubber from the tires is mixed into an asphalt-concrete blend to form pavement.  Typically, a rubberized asphalt-concrete road generates less roadway noise than a standard ashpalt-concrete road.  Rubberized asphalt-concrete is often used in or around residential areas to mitigate any noise created by traveling motorists.

2014-15 CalRecycle Rubberized Asphalt Contract Program

Here are some photos from the installation of rubberized asphalt-concrete on Villa Woods Drive and Stone Avenue.  The City was awarded funds through CalRecycle's Rubberized Asphalt Concrete program 2014-15 cycle year to help pay for this project.


2015-16 Cal Recycle Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Program

With assistance from CalRecycle's funding opportunities, the City used rubberized asphalt concrete on the Limonite Avenue Widening and Van Buren Boulevard Rehabilitation projects.  Combined, both projects enabled the City to divert 25,456 tires away from landfills!

Limonite Avenue Widening Project:


Van Buren Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation Project:


Illegal Site Disposal Clean-up Efforts

The City was awarded funds in the 2014-15 budget year to do a large clean-up and litter mitigation project on Granite Hill Drive.  The north side of Granite Hill Drive, just west of Pyrite Road, is frequently subject to fly dumping and litter.  The City utilized volunteers and staff to clean-up the area and eventually installed a fence to help mitigate the problem long term.

Before After