Commissions and Committees

To help carry out important City programs and policies, the City Council appoints City advisory bodies and works with community service districts.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of five citizens, appointed by the City Council, who help plan for the City’s growth, economic vitality and environmental quality. See below for a list of commission members and e-mails.  The Commission reviews and makes final decisions on many types of planning applications, such as land use permits, subdivisions and environmental review. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council on planning applications that require Council approval. In addition, the Commission advises the Council on long-range planning matters, such as zoning and the General Plan. To see maps such as the General Plan and Zoning, click here.

Name [Click for e-mail]  Title  Click for Bio 
William Hofferber Chair Bio
George Ruiz Chair Pro Tem Bio
Arleen Pruitt Commissioner Bio
Corey Moore Commissioner Bio
Guillermo Silva Commissioner  Bio