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Safety Reminder for all Residents & Visitors: Turn Around, Don’t Drown

Feb 21 2019

Safety Reminder for all Residents & Visitors: Turn Around, Don’t Drown

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, a motorist attempted to cross the rapidly flowing water at Felspar Street and 54th Street. As a result, the motorist was swept off of the road and into the flood channel.  The single occupant was able to grab onto and climb a tree while local citizens called 911 to initiate an emergency rescue.

First responding firefighters determined that using the ladder on the ladder truck would be the most efficient and safest way to rescue the victim out of the tree.  Firefighters were able to successfully rescue the victim without injury to the victim or firefighters.

During this period of time, CalFire was dealing with multiple rescues in the City of Jurupa Valley that required the use of Swift Water Rescue Teams and the use of helicopter services to assist rescues.  This was a very challenging period of time for CalFire, the Riverside County Sheriff’s officers, and City Staff.  Events like these put enormous strains on vital and limited public safety resources.

The City of Jurupa Valley would like to remind residents and visitors to avoid crossing roadways that are covered with flowing or standing water.  It’s simply not worth it.  Residents and visitors are encouraged to acknowledge all warning signs: visible flooding, road closure signs, temporary road closure barriers, and detour routes.

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