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Updated Message from City Manager Gary Thompson Regarding City Sales Tax Rate

May 05 2017

There continues to be confusion concerning the correct sales tax rate for the City of Jurupa Valley. It is 7.75%. If you are being overcharged, residents are encouraged to continue notifying the business and the State Board of Equalization’s District Representative on the Board of Directors at-

Jurupa Valley is listed as its own city with the correct sales tax on the Board of Equalization’s master list,  as well as in the link to look up the rate by address. Here is the link to the master listing for all cities and communities that start with the letter “J”. Jurupa Valley is at the bottom of the list-

Also, this listing includes Rubidoux, Mira Loma and Pedley as communities, all of which have the correct sales tax listed- 7.75%. The individual address look up function on their website is also accurate. The system is set up by street address and zip code, and not by city. The reason for that is there is only one street address in a zip code, regardless of the name of the city entered. City staff has tested the system by entering the address for City Hall separately using Jurupa Valley, Mira Loma, Pedley, Rubidoux and Riverside, and they all came up with the correct sales tax rate- 7.75%

There is another listing that might be confusing because it lists the Riverside County sales tax rate for all cities and the county unincorporated areas as 7.75%, but then only lists the cities with higher sales tax rates. That list is confusing. It doesn’t explain that all cities not listed under a county have the same rate as the county listed. Here is that link-

City staff has been working for several weeks with the Board of Equalization to get this resolved when this surfaced shortly after April 1st. Recently we enlisted the help of Senator Roth to assist in this situation. Senator Roth was very helpful in pressing our case at the Board of Equalization to get some action on this. The City Manager has been contacted by the Deputy Director of Business Taxes and Fees for the Board of Equalization, and was informed that they are working on getting the word out to the businesses in our city and other cities as well. This is not unique to Jurupa Valley as several cities with overlapping zip codes in the county changed sales tax rates which has created similar confusion.

The City is also working to change the US Postal Services designation for the 92509 zip code. The postal service still lists Riverside as the primary city name for the 92509 zip code, and Jurupa Valley secondary. Thus further confusion as many businesses utilize data bases that are now inaccurate because of the postal service issue. The City has also requested assistance from Congressman Takano’s office to press the postal service to make that correction. Residents should also register their concerns with Congressman Takano’s office as well on the postal service designation issue.

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