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Temporary Lane Reduction - Van Buren Blvd (Northbound) UPDATED

Feb 15 2017

UPDATED 2/15/2017

Van Buren Boulevard Temporary Lane Reduction - Extended:

The number 2 lane on northbound Van Buren Boulevard was temporarily closed on February 10, 2017.  The area subject to lane reduction is between 56th Street and Jurupa Road.  The temporary closure will be in effect indefinitely while major repairs are performed.  These repairs are necessary as a result of the heavy storms in January 2017 that caused significant damage to the road foundation in this area.  The repairs will prevent potential roadway failure for the number 2 northbound lane.  Commuters are advised to take alternate routes in anticipation of traffic congestion due to the lane closure.  Drivers should use caution near the lane closure site.

For more information about temporary road closures and construction delays, please visit

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