Arleen Pruitt

Residency & Education

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Arleen has been married for 37 years. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in sociology and ecology from University of California Irvine and purchased a home in Jurupa Valley in 2003. In July 2018, Arleen was honored with an appointment to the Planning Commission. She believes Jurupa Valley is a city in a league of its own, not only due to its beauty, but also because its residents truly care about progress without loss of the charm, character, and environmental integrity of our city.

Political Work

With the involvement of Jurupa Valley’s proactive citizens, supported by the common sense of City Council, Arleen was instrumental in opposing Greyhound’s plan to relocate its downtown Riverside bus station to Jurupa Valley. It is her intention to look toward positive growth in our city’s future without compromising the environment’s rural ambiance nor the values ingrained in its citizens while also ensuring all future projects serve the best interests of our city and its residents. Arleen works as a California state employee at the Court of Appeal and enjoys spending time with family.