Code Enforcement

High Quality of Life

The City of Jurupa Valley has established a code enforcement program in an effort to ensure a high quality of life throughout our community as well as maintain property values. In that regard, this is a positive program that promotes a sense of shared responsibility. This program exists not to punish individual property owners, but to maintain the greater good of the community by gaining compliance with adopted codes

Reactive Program

This is a reactive program in that an inspection is done only when there are complaints from others. Contact information on the submitter is optional and it is kept confidential when received. This has proven quite useful for providing feedback on a situation where a code violation has occurred.

Reporting a Code Violation

You can report a code violation through the City's automated Code Enforcement reporting system.

  1. Jose Ibarra

    Building & Code Manager
    Phone: (951) 332-6464, ext. 229

  2. Irwin Salas

    Senior Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: (951) 332-6464, ext. 228

  3. Development Services

    Phone: (951) 332-6464